About Okaybulb

Okaybulb Distribution is a very big Distribution and wholesaler in the circle of LED Lamps which are produced in China Factory and sold to End Customer directly online. You could learn more below about our Team Deliverability.

China Factory

We have a lot of inventions For LED Lamps. Below is the view of our warehouse:

Okaybulb.com is the bridge between China factory and end user (Customer) and we sell LED Bulb from Factory China directly, without middle man. We are online LED Bulb Shopping distribution.

Internet-based Okaybulb.com has seen astounding growth, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the lighting industry, garnering multiple awards and a loyal, satisfied customer base that continues to grow. Beginning with only two employees, the company now employs more than 100 peoples. At Okaybulb.com, customers are our highest priority, and the unwavering commitment we have toward them is evident in our customer testimonials. What truly sets us apart isn’t just the excellent customer service, but the combination of an easy purchasing experience and highly competitive, market driving prices.

In addition, our vast inventory of products includes commercial and residential lighting of the highest quality. Whether the situation calls for Christmas lights during the holidays, LED bulbs in your bedside lamp, or even the led corn bulb,led corn light,metal halide led replacement, E40 LED etc .that line your neighborhood, our products and brands are all hand-picked. From the White House to your house, Okaybulb.com is committed to providing simple and efficient lighting solutions to everyone.

Have questions about a particular bulb? Rest easy. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team of product specialists have years of lighting experience. From answering questions about lumens, color temperature, or base types, our product specialists are ready to solve your lighting dilemma.

We also do have very big Sales team can support Aftersales service.

We main sell to USA Market. and main sell LED bulb to our customer as below, Because we are the wholesaler,So when you ordering. please do not ordering small quantities. we would happy to sell low price but order more quantities from us.

Below is our customer to sell to:
1. Lighting distributor
2. Lighting Store
3. Lighting installation company
4. Lighting electrician
5. Evergy saving solution company
6. Electric power company
7. Lighting dealer
8. Lighting sales rep
9. lighting wholesaler
10.evergy saving company
11.B to C Lighting retailer (On line)

The post top light application:

Okaybulb Shipping Syetem use the fast Shipping express once customer Order is placed.

Again. Because we are the wholesaler,So when you Place the orders. please do not orderg small quantities. we would happy to sell low price but order more quantities from us. Small quantities shipping cost is more expensive than product. kindly please understanding and thanks for chooest Okaybulb Distribution.

We have two warehouse with office in below:

The California Warehouse Address (office):
303 Industrial Way, Unit 5 | Fallbrook, CA 92028
Call us: 347-204-4634 | Email: info@Okaybulb.com

Florida Warehouse Address (office):
Fort Lauderdale,Florida 33312
Call us, 347-204-4634 or visit www.Okaybulb.com and see for yourself why we’re the best online lightbulb retailer.

When you place the order. we will check the inventory and the goods will deliver depending on inventory. some ship from California or Florida warehouse. If out of stork. The goods will ship from China factory directly.

Call us, 347-204-4634 or email to info@Okaybulb.com and see if you have any question.

If you have any Lighting Bulb project needing.
You can order on line directly. We are going to shipping the LED Lamp order to you in a few days. Shopping on line with payment directly or Email PO order to info@Okaybulb.com. Thank you.