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Commercial Lighting Retrofit Guide

With the popularity of LED lighting systems, many companies are considering energy-efficient lighting retrofits as a way to control costs. With energy savings of up to 65 percent and a payback period of six months to two years, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are adopting this approach. These companies often see additional savings and benefits, including better lighting quality, improved lamp colors and reduced glare, as well as lower maintenance costs, lower climate control costs and utility rebates.

Improper installation work leads to lost savings

Unfortunately, when an LED lighting retrofit job is poorly done or something goes wrong, the savings you were expecting may not be there, or be spent on repairs or additional materials and labor to fix the problem. While there are all sorts of things that can go wrong with an LED retrofit, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common, including today’s topic, a poorly planned installation that can land you with higher-than-expected bills or unhappy co-workers.

installation plan

After you’ve evaluated the new system to make sure it will serve your purposes well, your part is done, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Developing an installation action plan is critical to the success of a lighting retrofit. If you don’t develop a plan with the remodeling company and all departments involved in your business, you could run into costly problems.

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Before you replace your first light, you need to take some time to get some serious information about how your installation plan will work out. Put the plan in writing, include a rough timeline, and be sure to get feedback from the departments it will affect. Broadcast the plan to everyone in every department, because people who are not part of management may have issues with schedules and materials that have not been considered before. Are you planning to update the lighting in your accounting in April? You may have to wait until after the 15th. Is your toy company experiencing its busiest time of year around the winter holidays? You might want to squeeze their makeover part before or after the rush. What about that manager who agonizes over weeks about which color temperature light they prefer? Make sure you make your final decision in writing and that all involved are ready to work with the remodeling company to complete the installation quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to pay the remodeling company extra labor costs because a 25-year employee in HR records that the HR manager was out of town and shelling out money in the Andes to stop them from using a light fixture for the week.

Preparations for Commercial Lighting Retrofit Projects Pay Off

By addressing these issues up front and making the final decision in writing, you can avoid wasting valuable time and energy arguing about how the installation should be done and who will pay for the mistakes made. Because every industry is slightly different, you’ll want to verify that the contractor has successfully retrofitted in a company or environment similar to yours before agreeing to a contract. Even better, get an install checklist that lays out everything from how secure access is handled to a clean install. Don’t forget to consider special equipment needs.

To avoid this problem, have a good plan in writing before starting the process. For help planning a remodel, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help make your project a success!

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