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How to Reduce Commercial Lighting Retrofit Costs

As new technological advances make it easier to go green, more businesses are realizing the potential of energy-efficient LED lighting retrofits. With unprecedented opportunities to cut operating costs and improve lighting quality, benefits of this type of retrofit include savings of up to 65%, fast payback typically between six months and two years, significant return on investment, Better quality color lights, lower glare leading to higher visual comfort, reduced maintenance man-hours due to longer life and fewer replacements, lower cooling costs as they generate less heat, if Your local utility company or state offers, newly revamped cash rebate system. But despite all these benefits, making one critical mistake could wipe out all your savings.

What’s wrong with cheap commercial lighting products?

Everyone loves a bargain – until it’s pretty much useless. Because cheap companies offer cheap products, you can expect average cheap quality. Because these companies are in the business of making quick money, they may offer what appears to be the cheapest price on your lighting makeover, and they’re easy to spot. They arrive with their products to answer your questions before you are even asked. How do these companies know what you need?

They can’t. They pay big bucks for what looks like a quick, cheap fix, but what happens when the cheap fix breaks or doesn’t provide the lighting it needs to keep things going? They disappeared.

150w Led Canopy Light 1 10v Dimmable 5000k With White Housing Transparent Pc Cover For Gas Station Area Light (12)

Is there a warranty?

The first question you should always ask these companies is whether they offer a warranty on their products and services. If they do offer you a warranty, make sure it’s in writing and read it carefully. Many products today that come with a warranty require you to follow such strict guidelines that warranty service can cost more than buying a new product. Does the warranty cover everything needed to replace the product in the event of a failure? Make sure you get a performance warranty that covers materials, design and installation, not just the product. But before you sign on the dotted line, check the vendor’s financial net worth. A warranty is worthless if the company offering it doesn’t have any assets to back it up and will disappear at the first sign of a problem.

Does it meet your needs?

LED lights come in a variety of temperature colors, intensities and similar properties. Does this vendor have a one-size-fits-all solution for your needs? How about an occupancy sensor or similar? To get the most out of your remodel, sensors, lights, and everything else should be customized to the specific needs of your business. Don’t settle for less!

By taking the time to select the right suppliers and equipment, your company will realize significant savings and improve lighting quality. If it doesn’t work, it won’t be cheap. Purchasing quality parts from reputable companies is critical to a successful lighting retrofit for your business. To obtain an evaluation to help determine which products will provide the best results for your situation, please contact us at BBIER. We are always interested in making sure your lighting renovation runs as smoothly as possible and meets your expectations.

150w Led Canopy Light 1 10v Dimmable 5000k With White Housing Transparent Pc Cover For Gas Station Area Light (6)

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