Industrial High Bay Lighting 300w 39000lm Ip65 With Etl Dlc Listed For Factory Workshop Lighting (4)

What is the advantages of UFO LED High Bay lights that used in warehouse Garage,workshop etc?

What is the advantages of UFO LED High Bay lights that used in warehouse Garage,workshop etc?

Nowadays, There are more and more people prefer to be a pioneer instead of working for others, they like open factories,owning a shop.Following this situation, electricity consumption increase sharply. In order to decrease electricity consumption pressure and other energy consumption. We should take many steps to come true this. So, making UFO LED High Bay lights replace ordinary light CFL/HPS/MH/HID is a effective way.

Commercial High Bay Led Lights 120w 12000lm Ip65 With Etl Dlc Listed For Warehouse Lighting (5)

1,Easy installation; Hanging lights is the common way. We need use a chain or other material to fixed lights well. It is a easy work.People can do it by themselves or ask a electrical to do that in a shot time.

2,Saving energy.Comparing ordinary CFL/HPS/MH/HID lights, it can save much more energy. Because we can use UFO LED High Bay lights to replace 2-3 times power ordinary lights.such as 60W-175W,100W-300W,150W-400W,200W-600W.In this situation, it can save much more energy. If it is in a big warehouse,big garage big workshop, it will save lots of money.

3,Long service life, In addition saving energy, the service life is also much longer than ordinary lights, normally, it is 50000h-60000h.We don’t need to change lights frequently.which can save cost in this part.So,LED high bay lights is suitable to those place that is difficult to repair lights.

4,Efficient energy conversion and cost effective. Due to UFO LED High Bay lights own this advantage, it will help us to save other energy. It will not happen too much heat. Sometimes,some warehouse and workshop need to keep a low temperature to protect products and make people have a comfortable working environment. UFO LED High Bay lights is the best choice.

5,Gentle light,  when we work for a long time under the ordinary light in workshop, Our eyes will feel tired, because ordinary light happens 100-120times strobe.while 200w LED high bay lights will not. So,Using UFO LED High Bay lights is a good way to help workers to keep eyes healthy.

6,Adjustable voltage,As we know Industrial park happens low voltage often. These electrical appliances includes ordinary lights will stop working.While,the UFO LED High Bay lights has adjustable voltage 100-277V. It is still working when low voltage happens.

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