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Are Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power Good?

We can see many types of led floodlights now and they are widely used in our daily lives. For example, garden landscape lighting, building lighting, sports stadium lighting, building lighting, road lighting, sculpture lighting, production workshops, logistics warehouses, parking lots, ports, and other large-area lighting places.

So what are the main features and advantages of Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power?

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  1. Advantages of light source

Environmental protection and no pollution .this is very important in modern society, . LED is solid-state lighting, does not contain mercury and other heavy metals, does not pollute the environment, and has no adverse effects on the human body. High luminous efficiency, when the color temperature of the tungsten halogen lamp is 3200 K, the luminous efficiency is about 24 lm/W; the luminous efficiency of high color-rendering gas discharge lamps and tri-color fluorescent lamps does not exceed 100 lm/W; high-color LED light source, brand The luminous efficiency of the product LED has exceeded 100 lm/W. 400~700nm and other energy white light, the theoretical luminous efficiency value is 241 lm/W. In the near future, the luminous efficiency of LED light sources that meet the needs of film and television and stage (mainly refers to color rendering index and color temperature) may exceed 1000 lm/W.

  1. Good heat dissipation efficiency

Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power also need to use MCPCB as another passive cooling technology to control the junction temperature. Because the material of MCPCB has better thermal conductivity, comparing with FR4 PCB used in standard LEDs, these circuit boards have higher heat dissipation efficiency. However, its cost may be as high as 5 times cost of FR4 PCB. Using a more FR4 PCB, eliminating the need for expensive heat sinks, and simplifying design considerations, can save up to 60% cost.

  1. Longer life span

The lifespan of halogen tungsten lamps commonly used in movies and stages is only 200 h to 300 h; metal halide lamps in computer lights only last several hundred hours generally. The lifespan of tri-primary fluorescent lamps can reach 8 000~10 000 h; while the life of brand Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power sources in lamps has exceeded 10 000 h. With the improvement of the heat dissipation conditions of the lamps and the driving power supply, the lifespan may reach 30 000h~50 000h in the near future.

  1. Large irradiation area and uniform light.

From the perspective of the LED floodlight itself, the outdoor LED floodlight has a large light distribution angle, so the illumination area is much larger. If you need to illuminate a large object and need to illuminate whole large building or large area, then you need a Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power to meet it, such as on a construction site or production .The installation height in the factory is not too high and needs to illuminate a larger area as much as possible, so LED floodlights are also needed to meet the requirements. Therefore, the characteristics and advantages of our Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power are large illuminated area and uniform light.

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