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What is energy efficiency?

Growing concerns about climate change and fossil fuels have led to many outstanding innovations in the field of alternative energy. These include advanced uses of wind, solar, battery storage, and even experimental sources like ocean waves and tides. These technologies receive the most media and government attention, but energy efficiency should always be the first step when considering alternative energy sources.

“Negative watts” generated through energy efficiency are as important as megawatts generated from any other source, including alternative energy sources. This is why when considering the implementation of alternative energy solutions, it is important to ensure that the location you are improving is as energy efficient as possible and can support the improvement. Otherwise, unnecessary money, time and resources may be incurred.

Wasted energy can be obvious, such as leaving lights on all night, or running the air conditioner on full blast when the building is unoccupied. Unfortunately, these power drains are often not apparent until they show up on the electricity bill.


When lighting depends on whether the space is in use or not, it can certainly be a source of waste. However, using traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes results in power consumption for lighting as they are energy inefficient. Additionally, spaces that do not use daylight efficiently require power-hungry artificial light when it is not needed.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling systems in energy-inefficient buildings are another source of huge waste. In addition to heating and cooling systems that run when they’re not actually needed, there are often hidden “leaks” where cold or warm air escapes from the building. Improper insulation can make it harder for buildings to maintain a constant temperature. Inefficient windows can cause heat or cooling loss, or heat or cold that can negatively affect a building from the outside. A roof that doesn’t properly reflect the sun’s heat can unnecessarily increase the temperature of a building.


Solving such problems starts with BBIER performing a detailed analysis of your building’s energy consumption in the areas of lighting, heating and cooling. From this analysis, a plan to make your building truly energy efficient can begin.

lighting solution

For lighting, we conducted a full audit of the building to discover how lighting was used, how efficiently spaces were illuminated, and how using LEDs instead of traditional bulbs and tubes would help. Through this audit, we developed a complete energy-efficient lighting plan and design.

Solutions that can then be implemented include automatically controlled smart lighting and sensors to dim lights in unused spaces. Daylight harvesting can be employed so that lights are not used unnecessarily when daylight adequately illuminates the space. Lighting controls can even be interconnected with the BBIER system, providing occupancy information that can automatically trigger temperature drops. Further energy efficiency options are also available depending on customer needs.

building envelope

As we say, our unique building envelope solutions make it possible to keep the outside climate outside and the inside climate inside. When a building is properly sealed, its BBIER system hardly has to work so hard. As a result, your gas and electricity bills are positively impacted.

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First, we inspect the entire building with thermal imaging equipment. It can detect areas in buildings where heat or cooling is leaking, such as cracks in wall-to-ceiling seams. It also isolates areas that are not adequately insulated. The cracks found can then be properly sealed and sufficient insulation can then be installed where required.

Windows are also an important area through which heat and cold can negatively affect the interior of a building. If a problem is detected, the window’s efficiency can be improved by adding additional panes or replacing it with more modern glass.

If you find a problem with your roof, you can replace it with a roof that better reflects heat.

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